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Find Out The Various Uses Of Cannabis Plants

Cannabis is flowering plant originated from central Asia. This plant also known as hemp. Plant’s fiber, seed, oil and leaves are used for different purposes. The cannabis seeds that have hemp seed is mainly used for industrial uses, using it we can derive many products such as commercial items paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, paints, insulation, bio fuel, food and animal food etc. also we can use cannabis as a drug by using hemp has lower content of ‘tetra hydro cannabinol’ (THC) which causes psychoactive and high concentration of ‘cannabidiol’ (CBD) which eliminate the psychoactive of drug. Some countries banned hemp because some people miss using it.

Hemp seed can be eaten it is edible and nutrition rich. We can make beverages like hemp milk and tisanes from hemp seed by converting it into a liquid form. Leaves also edible and can be make salad and juice but it is not nutrition as its seed. In some countries hemp is treated as non food crop, but with proper licensing and with less THC concentration that is less than 0.2% can be sale as food and food ingredient. Fiber of cannabis used in industrial field. Even the word ‘canvas’ is derived from cannabis. Hemp has texture like linen. Verities of products derived from its fiber they are cloths, dog collars and home wares etc. hemp fibers can be used as building material, and we can replace woods with hemp fiber in many places. We can make panels for automobiles by mixing fiber glass, hemp fiber, kenaf and flax.

Many cars use this method for their vehicle they are Audi, BMW, Ford and many others. We can make paper from hemp fiber but it is expensive than wooden paper, so we can’t use it for printing, writing and packing purposes. We can make jewelries like bracelets, necklaces, ankles, ring, watches and other ornaments from cannabis. In sailing ships use rope made of hemp. Stems and hemp hurds are used for animal bedding in villages. It can use for water purification; it can remove sewage effluent, excessive phosphorous, other substances and chemicals from water.

From hemp seed’s oil we can make biodiesel and fuel. Cannabis is flowering plant, mainly it has three species they are cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderails. We can use cannabis in both way good way and bad way. If we look at good thing on it, it is the best thing we can use for multiple purposes and can use all parts of plants can use for different purposes. If look at the bad it the worst thing in the world which causes many crimes and financial problems, health problems, affects mental health and also causes family problems.